Boost My Fibre


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    1 Month Supply = 90 servings when used 3 times per day as directed

    Boost My Fibre is taste-less and mixes easily in water or your favourite beverage. You can even mix it in with your food or protein shakes!

    Unlike other leading brands, only Boost My Fibres high grade ingredient has been clinically proven by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to contribute towards normal bowel function

    Manufactured on equipment that processes: Gluten



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    Mixing Instructions

    Pour 200ml of water in to a glass

    Add 4g (4ml) of powder

    Stir until mixed well
    Consume 3 times per day

    100% High Grade Chicory Inulin. Only this high grade version comes with EFSA accreditation for proven contribution towards bowel function.

    Manufactured on equipment that processes: Gluten.

    Nutritional Information


    NutritionalPer 100gPer serving
    Energy Values
    Typical nutritional values
    Total Carbohydrates120.47
    -Sugars (g)120.46
    Fibre (g)853.34
    Additional information
    Month Supply

    1 month (2 Tubs), 2 months (4 Tubs), 6 months (12 Tubs)

    Clinical Studies

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