Boost My Fibre For Weight Loss

When we’re trying to lose weight, we have to treat our bodies right. That means eating more fruit and veg, cutting out most of the unhealthy snacks, drinking plenty of water, and trying to get a bit more exercise.

Easy, right?

Well there’s something else that can help you lose weight that you perhaps might not have considered – fibre

Fibre is great for you for a variety of reasons – it improves gut health, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and even boost your mental health – but it can also help you shed those pounds and squeeze into that dress or that t-shirt you love so much.

This has been the subject for a number of studies over recent years, including research conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2015, in which they compared the effectiveness of two different diets for 240 people.

The Study

All of the participants suffered from metabolic syndrome, meaning they had high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, and were overweight. One group was asked to follow what’s known as the American Heart Association’s (AHA) diet for preventing heart disease, in which you try and eat more fruit and veg, lean protein, fish, and try to cut out unhealthy thing like alcohol, fats, sugar and salt.

The only thing the other group changed in their diet was ensuring they consumed 30g of fibre per day, which is the recommended daily intake.

At the end of the study, both groups had lost weight, lowered their cholesterol and improved their response to insulin. Those following the AHA diet lost slightly more weight, but the difference was so surprisingly small that it shows just how important getting more fibre into your diet is and how much of an effect one change can have.

So why does consuming more fibre help us lose weight? It’s all about making you feel fuller for longer.

Fibre does a much better job of filling your stomach, which reduces your appetite, encouraging you to eat less. Naturally, this can help you lose weight – as long as you stop eating when you’re full, of course!

Fibre with a high viscosity – ie. its ‘thickness’ – do a better job of making you feel full, forming a gel-like substance in water. This stays in your stomach for longer before it travels long your gut, which it does much more slowly, allowing for more nutrients to be absorbed.

How can Boost My Fibre help?

The fact is that the majority of us don’t get enough fibre in our diets. It’s recommended that we consume around 30g of fibre per day, many don’t get close to that amount – and that’s where Boost My Fibre can help.

The main ingredient in our fibre supplement is a soluble form of fibre, meaning it thickens in your stomach and makes you feel fuller for longer. This can of course really help when you’re trying to lose weight as you’ll be less likely to want to reach for those biscuits between meals.

You can add Boost My Fibre to water so you can easily add some fibre to your diet at the same time as getting your daily water intake, or you can sprinkle it over your food – but don’t worry, it won’t affect the taste of your favourite meals in any way!

Getting extra fibre into your diet isn’t always easy, but with Boost My Fibre you can up your daily intake and take advantage of all the amazing benefits fibre has to offer, including helping you lose weight.

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