Boost My Fibre For Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions in the UK these days. Type 2 diabetes affects around 4.5 million people, but when you consider how many go undiagnosed, that number is likely much higher.

Diabetes can be caused by genetics, with the pancreas not producing insulin the way it should to control blood sugar levels, but it can also be caused by a poor diet.

If you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising, fat can build up around the pancreas, preventing it from working properly. Again, this means your body can’t regulate blood sugar levels.

While some require regular injections of insulin to manage their diabetes, a healthy diet is essential, and an important part of that diet is ensuring it contains enough fibre.

Why does fibre help diabetics?

Fibre is the name given a number of different carbohydrates, found in fruit and veg, that can’t be digested by the body. There are two types of fibre:

● Soluble fibre – dissolves in water and can be found in peas, oats, carrots, beans, citrus fruits and apples. It helps to slow digestion so your body can absorb nutrients from food.

● Insoluble fibre – does not dissolve in water and can be found in foods such as whole wheat flour, beans, nuts, potatoes and green beans. It helps matter move through the gut, reducing the chance of bowel problems.

Most fruits and vegetables contain both soluble and insoluble fibre and it’s important to get a mix of both for a healthy diet.

Even though our bodies can’t digest fibre, it still has a huge number of benefits, including helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, preventing and easing constipation, and even improving mental health.

It can also help those who are diabetic.

Studies have shown that a healthy fibre intake can actually help prevent type 2 diabetes. A Harvard study found that diets containing a higher amount of cereal fibre were associated with a lower rate of type 2 diabetes.

Obviously, there are several other factors that affect the onset of diabetes, but it’s safe to say that dietary fibre has an important part to play in leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping the condition at bay.

However, dietary fibre is equally as important for those already suffering from diabetes. For diabetics, keeping an eye on your carb intake is vital because these carbs are broken down into sugars which can cause too much to enter the blood.

However, dietary fibre is a very important type of carbohydrate that has no such negative impact on blood sugar levels. Dietary fibre, such as chicory root fibre, cannot be broken down the same way other digestible foods. This means that it has no caloric value and does not pass sugars into the bloodstream – it passes all the way through your body pretty much unchanged.

So what’s the point of it?

When chicory root fibres make their way to the large intestine, they become home to literally trillions of bacteria that cause a process called fermentation. This creates short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which feed all the good bacteria in your gut and colon, and its these SCFAs that are thought to be beneficial for diabetics.

Research has suggested that SCFAs working in the pancreas, liver and gut promote insulin production and reduce insulin resistance. They also increase the amount of time it takes the body to digest carbohydrates, which slows the speed at which sugar enters the bloodstream, encouraging healthy blood sugar levels.

As such, the more fibre diabetics consume, the easier it is to control blood sugar levels.

How can Boost My Fibre help?

Most of us don’t get enough fibre each day, but don’t worry, that’s where Boost My Fibre can help!

The government say that we should consume 30g of fibre every day, but according to the NHS, most of us get around 18g.

The most obvious way of getting more fibre in your diet is to eat more fruit and vegetables, but if you want to top up your fibres levels quickly and easily, our fibre supplement is perfect.

Boost My Fibre contains all the good stuff that comes from dietary fibre and can therefore help those with diabetes manage their condition – along with healthy eating, exercise, and any prescribed medication, of course. It also brings with it the various other benefits of fibre, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, easing constipation, aiding weight loss, and more.

Boost My Fibre can be dissolved in water or sprinkled over your food – don’t worry, it won’t affect the taste – and can become a regular part of your healthy diet. It’s so quick and easy – we can’t think why you wouldn’t want to try it!

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