About Boost My Fibre

Having a healthy digestive system is essential to our overall health and wellbeing, and yet most of us don’t do enough to keep our gut happy. Consuming fibre is one of the most effective ways of ensuring healthy digestion, but we know that it’s not always as easy as just eating more fruit and vegetables. That’s where Boost My Fibre can help.

Health benefits of fibre

We’re often told we need more fibre in our diet, but why is it apparently so good for our health? The most important benefit of fibre is the way it keeps our digestive system healthy. It helps promote healthy bacteria in the gut that has a whole host of amazing benefits, including improving bowel function, blood sugar management, satiety, weight management, and much more.

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How Boost My Fibre naturally promotes digestive wellbeing

Boost My Fibre is a fibre supplement created from 100% natural ingredients. Produced by treating chicory root with gentle hot water extraction to produce natural plant-based dietary fibres, it goes through a filtration and purification process to produce the high-quality finished product.

This end product forms the basis of our fibre supplement which helps to feed the trillions of good bacteria in our gut, and it’s these healthy bacteria that do a whole host of amazing things as mentioned above, including digesting food, absorbing nutrients and improving our general wellbeing.

Here is some more information about prebiotic fibre and how it helps the good bacteria in our gut.

And using Boost My Fibre couldn’t be easier. Just dissolve in water or sprinkle over food (don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the taste), and there you have it – a simple way to regularly add more fibre into your diet.

Backed by extensive medical research

We don’t just make bold claims about the effectiveness of Boost My Fibre and expect you to believe them. With over 20 years of quality nutritional research, and an impressive number of scientific studies supporting the numerous positive health benefits, the ingredients used in Boost My Fibre have been shown to have a wide range of impressive health benefits.

All of the claims we make are backed up by studies and research so you can be confident that by using Boost My Fibre, you’re genuinely contributing to your improved health and wellbeing.

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