A Powerful and Natural Fibre Boost

Boost My Fibre™ is a high grade fibre supplement which has been clinically proven to contribute towards normal bowel function. 

Using only the highest grade natural ingredients, Boost My Fibre feeds and promotes the good bacteria in your gut.

This hosts a wide range of amazing health benefits, including lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure, improved gut health and immune system. Whilst dieting it can increase weight loss and It even helps fighting conditions such as constipation, anxiety and diabetes alongside helping to prevent cancer.

What is Boost My Fibre™ ?

A dried powder supplement created using 100% natural ingredients which have been clinically proven by the European Food Safety Authority to contribute towards normal bowel function.

Boost My Fibre use only the highest grade natural chicory inulin, produced with gentle hot water extraction, which results in natural plant-based dietary fibres. It goes through a filtration and purification process to produce the high-quality finished product un-matched by cheaper brands.

Its neutral tastes means it can be mixed with water, your favourite beverage or even in your food.

boost my fibre product shot two

Did you know that the average adult only consumes 18g of the recommended 30g fibre intake per day?

Ready in Seconds

Boost My Fibre has a neutral flavour and mixes easily in water or your favourite beverage. You can even mix it in with your food or protein shakes!


Pour 200ml of water in to a glass


Add 4g (4ml) of powder


Stir until mixed well

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